A toothache can prevent itself with the most unfortunate timing. No matter how mild the pain may be, it never is a pleasant experience either. However, having a child experience toothache or teeth pain, whether 4-years-old or older, may be a much more unpleasant, traumatic experience. Not only as a parent do you have to watch your little one endure teeth pain, you may not know what it is that has caused the pain or what to do to help fix it.

Causes of Teeth Pain in Children:

Toothaches in children can be caused from injury to a tooth or more frequently from cavities. A cavity results from poor dental hygiene. If regular brushing is not maintained, the sugars and starches in foods are more likely to allow bacteria in the mouth to damage the teeth. Our peers and Midlothian, VA dentists have always stated that teeth pain is most often caused by poor dental hygiene.

Common Symptoms of a Toothache in a Child:

Although pain can present itself in many different ways, some common symptoms are below:

  • Constant, throbbing pain of a tooth
  • Worsened pain when a tooth is touched
  • Pain that is associated with extreme hot and cold temperatures
  • Sore or tenderness of the jaw around a tooth
  • Fever
  • Tiredness or low activeness

Other causes of toothache may be related to other concerns like sores in the mouth, a sinus infection, an earache or a result of teething. Specifically, a four-year old may be losing a baby tooth and the permanent tooth may be trying to make its way up in the gum line to replace it. This can often cause a sensation of pain in the mouth that a child may interpret as “teeth pain”.

What You Can Do:

The best way to gain answers concerning your child’s teeth pain is by visiting with a pediatric dentist as quickly as possible. The pediatric dentist can evaluate the symptoms your child presents in order to determine why the pain is occurring. Most likely, if any dental procedures may be needed, they can be arranged while in the dental office that same day.

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