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The average child has twenty primary teeth, that provide them with the basic ability to bite and process food before swallowing. They also provide a structural presence in their oral development that can influence the alignment of the permanent teeth that will one day take their place.

A child who prematurely loses one or more teeth to untreated cavities can be at increased risk of needing traditional braces in adolescence. At the same time, some cases of severe tooth decay can also cause an infection of the gums.

Primary teeth are typically small. When a cavity affects one of them it can spread quickly. If their routine dental checkup with Dr. Jonathon Konz reveals a problem area he will explain your treatment options.

To treat a primary tooth that has been affected by a large cavity, he might recommend a dental crown restoration. Sometimes referred to as a dental cap, this treatment plan will eventually replace the natural tooth enamel with an equally durable material.

Once it has been cemented over the healthy abutment within the tooth, your child’s dental crown will restore the tooth’s basic function in your child’s mouth while also maintaining it’s structural presence in the gums.

Our dentist might also provide you with a prescription for fluoride supplement to help your child maintain strong tooth enamel in between their dental checkups.

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