If you have younger children and are wondering where to take them for a dental visit, a pediatric dentist would be a wonderful option to consider! Pediatric dentists go through extensive specialty training following their four years of dental school. In other words, pediatric dentists are seen as primary and specialty oral care providers for infants and children through adolescence, including children with special needs.

Although, some individuals may not agree with seeing a dentist for their children, properly taking care baby (primary) teeth are just as important as taking good care of adult (primary teeth). Teeth enable children to speak clearly and chew naturally—helping with daily functions. By ensuring your child sees a pediatric dentist regularly, you can be certain that they will be sure to create healthy oral habits that will carry on once the adult (permanent) teeth begin to erupt.

What To Look For In A Pediatric Dentist:

When you are searching for a pediatric dentist, you are certainly looking for someone more than who will take care of your child’s teeth. You want someone you can trust and build a relationship with not only you as a parent, but with your child as well.

It is important to factor in a few things when searching for the right pediatric dentist for you and your child:

  • Location and hours available—Choosing a dentist that is nearby with flexible hours can make scheduling appointments much easier on you as a parent.
  • Cost—Does the office accept your dental insurance or offer any payment options?
  • Comfort—Find a pediatric dentist you not only trust but also are comfortable with. Asking questions for your children’s sake can be important, so be sure to find a pediatric dentist who is willing to explain procedures or work through any concerns you may have for your child.

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If you are still searching for the perfect pediatric dentist for your children in the Ashburn area, look no further! Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry is more than pleased to provide a welcoming and safe environment for young patients. At Little Smiles, they understand that the dentist may be intimidating for young children so they have a wonderful staff trained with expertise to provide children with advanced care and comfort.

At Little Smiles, flexible hours and insurance acceptance should not be an issue for anyone, which is why we have extended hours and gladly work with any insurance. Please call Little Smiles today at (703)-348-2813, for your first consultation