If your child plays football for Termite, Midget, and Mite, you should not overlook the importance of mouthpieces. Football is a full contact sport, meaning your child’s teeth are at risk of being knocked out.

In addition to knocked out teeth, chipped or broken teeth are common in high contact sports like football. By wearing a mouthguard, your child can support their teeth and prevent them from being exposed when heavy contact arises. Saving chipped teeth can be uncomfortable and expensive, making a mouthguard essential.

Another benefit of a mouthguard for football players is that it can keep the tongue, teeth, chin, and gums safe. If your child gets hit in the mouth while they are playing Termite, Midget, and Mite football, a mouthguard can serve as a cushion that can help them avoid cuts.

While you can purchase a one-size-fits-all mouthpiece online or at a local store, we highly recommend custom mouthpieces. A custom mouthpiece will be designed specifically for your child’s mouth and fit them properly. No two mouths are exactly alike so we do not believe that mass produced mouthpieces are very effective. They offer the least amount of protection and can be uncomfortable to breath and speak through. One of our pediatric dentists can guide you through the process of finding the ideal custom made mouthguard for your child.

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