Most adults can’t imagine their lives without coffee. Coffee is a part of their morning routine and gives them the energy they need to make it through the day. Here at Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, some parents ask us when they can begin to allow their children to drink coffee.

The truth is that most young children are full of energy and don’t need coffee to sustain them throughout the day. We don’t suggest introducing coffee to your child until they are 12 years old and you believe they may benefit from it.

Unfortunately, coffee can significantly stain the teeth. Its dark coloring can embed itself into the enamel and cause a yellowing of the teeth. If you can’t give up your cup of joe, there are several strategies that can help you protect your teeth.

If possible, refrain from sipping on your coffee throughout the day and only drink it while you’re eating breakfast or on a break. When you’ve finished drinking it, rinse your mouth or better yet, brush your teeth.

It’s also a good idea to get into the habit of eating fruits and veggies throughout the day as they contain a natural fiber that can keep your teeth white. In addition, you can try over-the-counter or professional teeth whitening.

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Hold off on giving coffee to your child for as long as possible. If you have further questions about coffee and how they may impact your child’s oral health, call us at 703-348-2813.