Now that the holiday season is in full swing, children are surrounded by Christmas candy. Unfortunately, most Christmas candy can do more harm than good for children’s teeth. For instance, candy canes, which appear to be okay because they freshen breath are actually detrimental.

Believe it or not, candy canes are loaded with sugar. When children suck on them, the sugars spread around their mouth and stick to the teeth and gums. This creates the ideal nesting grounds for bacteria that may lead to cavities. Other Christmas candy is exceptionally hard and can lead to teeth damage.

While it’s okay for children to indulge in candy canes and other Christmas candy every once in a while, overconsumption can be problematic. If you find that your child is consuming too much Christmas candy, try to encourage them to stop. Also, tell them to brush their teeth after they eat the candy so that they can remove the harmful sugars from their mouth.

If your child develops a cavity or any other oral health problems during the holiday season, schedule an appointment at our office. We can search for cavities and educate your child on how to keep their teeth and gums in tip-top shape.

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