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Have you considered a pediatric dentist for your child? You may think that a pediatric dentist is a field of dentistry limited to babies and small children, when in reality it is a specialty that encompasses much more–and may last well beyond a patients childhood.

Certainly, the special focus of a pediatric dentist is on children, but also those with special needs and behavioral problems that may be best served by a pediatric dentist. Many who have chosen this field have done so because of their particular understanding, demeanor and skill in catering to those patients that need a more compassionate practitioner.

All dentists going through dental school are given pediatric training just as they are given some training in all the specialties during the seven to eight years they are in college and dental school. Additionally, the pediatric dentist will need to complete another two years of residency whereby they gain clinical experience and learn specialized skills related to young patients including child psychology, child-related pharmacology, child development and other areas specifically related to pediatric dentistry.

Once a practicing pediatric dentist, he/she will know how to approach the unique issues of children, their unique dental issues, and the problems that come with those who have special needs. Not only will they themselves be prepared for these special clients, but their office, instruments, staff, and overall approach will cater to the very young and special patients that need to feel comfortable (or distracted) while being evaluated for oral health.

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