Children who sustain dental cavities or broken teeth may need dental fillings to restore their smiles to full health. A dental filling is a restoration that repairs mild to moderate tooth damaged caused by tooth decay, chipping, or fracturing.

Dr. Jonathon Konz may recommend a dental filling for your child if the damage is not extensive enough to warrant a dental crown but the original structure of the tooth needs to be restored. Dental fillings strengthen the tooth and restore it to good health.

To place a dental filling, we will invite you and your child to Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry for a single, comfortable visit.

  • We will remove the damaged portion of your child’s tooth and clean the remaining structure to remove any lingering decay.
  • Then, we will fill the tooth with material and shape it to match your child’s original structure.
  • When ready, the filling is hardened to provide lasting support and an aesthetic appearance.

If your child complains of dental discomfort, or if you can see any visible swelling or discoloration on or around the tooth, call 703-542-7000 and schedule an appointment with our pediatric dentist. We will help you determine if your child would benefit from a dental filling in Ashburn, Virginia.