The dental team at Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry takes great pride in providing children of all ages with the top-notch dental care they deserve. Although we see many young children, we also care for many teenagers. If you have a teen or a child who is approaching their teenagers years, you may be wondering how old they can be and still go to our office.

The truth is that every teen is different. While some teens see a pediatric dentist all through high school and into their college years, others prefer to go to a general family dentist when they turn 12 or 13. We welcome teens and would love to continue to seeing them until they are early on in their college careers but recommend that they do whatever feels more comfortable for them.

One of the benefits, however, of continuing to see a pediatric dentist throughout the teen years and a little beyond is the fact that a pediatric dentist knows a teen’s dental history. This is particularly true if they have seen them since they were a young child. A pediatric dentist can design treatment plans and make recommendations based on the teen’s past oral health.

Another benefit of going to our pediatric dentist office as a teen is the flexible hours we offer. We know that leads are busy with school, extracurricular activities, and social events and want to make sure they can fit trips to the dentist into their schedules. We open early at 7:30 am and close late at 7:00 pm on some days.

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For more information on how old teenagers can be to visit a pediatric dentist, call our office at 703-348-2813.