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Your child’s teeth play an important role in both oral and general development, and for this reason, it’s very important to help your child maintain healthy teeth as they grow up. Helping your child have a solid foundation of reliable oral health is much easier if your child’s oral care routine is started while they are still in their first years of life. We are happy to help you care for your child’s smile as they develop habits of good oral health.

With the development of the baby teeth, which come first in your child’s smile, comes a time to protect the proper alignment of the permanent teeth later in life. While the baby teeth may not seem like they need care because they are temporary, they should receive daily oral care since healthy baby teeth help to promote strong and successful permanent teeth. By teaching your child to clean and care for their teeth while they are young, they can use these practices as they grow up to care for the adult teeth.

Dr. Jonathon Konz and our team know how devastating the effects of high sugar consumption can be on the smiles of our young patients, and we recommend restricting the amount of sugar in your child’s diet. Furthermore, it’s important to have your child visit our dentist every six months so that we can perform oral exams and cleanings to maintain tooth quality and help your child have a healthy smile.

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