Having children can be a difficult job alone; don’t make it any more difficult on yourself when searching for a pediatric dentist! Essentially, pediatric dentists  

are the pediatricians of dentistry. They spend two to three additional years of specialty training following four years of dental school where they learn how to treat infants and young children through adolescence, including those with special health needs.

It is very beneficial to have your children see a pediatric dentist regularly over a family dentist for a few reasons:

1)     Advanced Knowledge of Children’s Teeth—Pediatric dentists are trained to treat children’s teeth of all ages. They understand the possible problems children may face with cavities or gum problems. They also know the complex nature of how teeth grow and develop making it possibly to identify potential problem areas in the mouth. Most importantly, pediatric dentists understand that a dental office may be frightening for children so they know how to make your child feel comfortable and relaxed when at the dentist.

2)     Kid Friendly Equipment—Typically, most dental instruments come in a “standard” size that may be too large for young children’s mouths. Pediatric dentists typically use pediatric equipment sized for smaller mouths. Some equipment may even be colored or have designs on it to make it appear less “scary” to a young child.

3)     Kid Friendly Environment— Pediatric dental offices are specifically designed with kids in mind. Bright colors on the walls, toys and games in the waiting room can make a child feel more at ease when waiting for their dental appointment. Televisions may be mounted on the ceilings so that children can watch movies or cartoons while sitting back in the dental chair. Stickers or rewards may be handed out after a child’s dental appointment to help boost their comfort and familiarity with the dentist.

4)     Preventative Care Focus—Pediatric dentists are focused and dedicated to prevention of dental problems in children. They are able to provide advice to parents and children for healthy oral habits in order to ensure a lifetime of best practices. Pediatric dentists will also be up to date with the latest information on preventative treatment in children as continuing education classes are taken.

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