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What Is A Soft Tissue Laser?

Soft tissue lasers use heat and energy to cut through the soft tissues with high precision and minimal invasiveness. Soft tissue lasers are being used in place of more invasive surgical techniques because they cauterize the wound as they cut to eliminate the need for drills and stitches. We can perform various dental procedures with soft tissue lasers, including treating gum disease, performing frenectomies, and crown lengthening. 

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Soft tissue lasers can be used to remove oral tumors and mouth ulcers.

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What To Expect During The Laser Dentistry Process

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During your consultation, Ashburn pediatric dentist Dr. Konz will examine your teeth and gums to determine if any oral health problems need to be treated before you can proceed with laser dentistry.

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Once we’ve performed an oral exam and taken any necessary x-rays, we can formulate a treatment plan that will address any problems with your gums.

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There is minimal preparation needed before receiving laser surgery, as it reduces the need for an anesthetic. The laser will be used to cut the portions of the gums that we need to target.

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Once the procedure is done, you will not need any stitches and you will heal much faster. We will give you aftercare instructions for you to follow.

What Brand Of Tissue Laser Do We Use?

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Ultradent Gemini

The Ultradent Gemini is the United States’ first dual-wavelength soft tissue laser. While in the past, soft tissue lasers had to be set at a specific wavelength, the Ultradent Gemini laser allows you to alternate between 810 and 980nm. This makes the laser more versatile and enables the dentist to choose which wavelength is more suitable for specific procedures. With 20 watts of power, this soft tissue laser is not only highly precise but can perform faster and cleaner cuts.

Did you know…

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To perform oral surgery on wisdom teeth, lasers can be used in place of scalpels to cut into the gums and reveal the impacted teeth.


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Benefits Of A Soft Tissue Laser For Kids

Soft tissue lasers provide many advantages over traditional surgical instruments for kids. To begin with, lasers are minimally invasive and painless. They completely eliminate the need for drills, anesthetic, sedation, and scalpels. This can make the process way easier for a child as it’s not as intimidating.

Because the wound is cauterized as the tissue vaporizes the cut, it minimizes bleeding and inflammation and results in faster healing times. No stitches are needed which makes the procedure itself much faster as well as the recovery. Young patients will be out and about in no time!

Parents usually prefer soft tissue lasers over traditional oral surgery not only because it’s much more comfortable, but it also reduces the risk of infection as the laser offers much more accuracy and precision than other surgical tools.
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Did you know…

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You will not have open wounds after you undergo laser surgery.

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