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We All Have the Same Goal

Making the Dentist a Positive Experience

Our goal is to make the Little Smiles experience as enjoyable as possible for children so they'll grow up and continue to receive the oral care they need. From evaluating research, it's clear that dental phobia is common among adults. Those adults are likely those that didn't have the pleasure of a positive experience at the dentist when they were kids - and we aim to change that.

We also understand that your child is more than their teeth. That's why our approach to each treatment vary based on the child, and we feel this outlook on dental care in Ashburn truly makes us stand out.

Our dental office in Ashburn
Our Ashburn dental office

Comfortable Atmosphere

Relaxed Environment

Overall, our Ashburn office has a modern vibe. We want both children and parents to feel comfortable and at ease. For your convenience, we have a beverage station in the waiting room. We also have a movie room near our reception area, complete with Disney+. And the amenities don’t stop there! Your child may enjoy Netflix during treatment because each treatment chair has a TV above it. We feel taking your child’s mind off the visit makes the experience more pleasant — more like they’re at a friend’s house rather than the dentist’s office.

Giving Back

Helping Children in Need

Our staff genuinely cares about the community in Ashburn, Brambleton, and folks all over the world. We recognize that not all parents can afford to take their children to the dentist. That’s why outside of our practice, we’re on a mission to help. Dr. Konz has participated in local organizations and has volunteered to help children abroad. He’s provided free dental care on mission trips and through programs like Remote Area Medical, Dentistry of the Heart, and Mission of Mercy. In addition, Dr. Konz visits local elementary schools to educate children about proper dental hygiene and its significance.

Give Your Child Their Healthiest Smile

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