12-year molars” refer to the permanent second molars that are located on the upper and lower jaws. They are the second to last teeth before the wisdom teeth and individuals typically have four 12-year molars total. The 12-year molars acquire their nickname from the sole fact that they typically erupt around the ages of 11-13 years old when the head and neck are still developing. Some may even notice that the lower 12-year molars begin to erupt sooner than the uppers, do not be alarmed as this is normal.

Prior to tooth eruption, the 12-year molars are sitting underneath the gums. Once the 12-year molars begin to erupt, they puncture through the gum tissue where it may be possible to see the white cusps of the molars. If your child feels any pain or discomfort during this process, the second molars may be coming in sideways at an angle, which is defined as impaction. Impaction is a common occurrence and typically results if a tooth fails to erupt or if there isn’t enough space in the jaw for a tooth to come in.

Impaction can have negative results if not treated early on. Therefore, it is recommended to take your child to a pediatric dentist to establish care prior to permanent teeth coming in. When visiting with the pediatric dentist, they will be sure to take radiographs or panoramic images of your child’s mouth to ensure proper development of the jaws and teeth. They’ll look specifically for adequate spacing. If any impaction is noticed they will be able to discuss a treatment plan immediately. For more complex impaction cases, the pediatric dentist may provide referrals to an oral surgeon or orthodontist.

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