If your child chips their front tooth, you may be worried and unsure of what to do. Rest assured that chipped teeth are a common occurrence among children and can almost always be fixed by the dentist. It’s important to stay calm and schedule an appointment at your dentist office right away.

Keep in mind that even a minor chips may lead to serious problems down the road. Even if the chipped tooth is barely noticeable, it may still allow bacteria to enter the tooth and cause an infection. Therefore, the importance of seeing a dentist should not be overlooked.

The treatment your dentist will decide will be determined by the cause of the chipped tooth. If your child’s chip is minor, they may file it down until it’s smooth. In the event it’s bigger, they may recommend dental bonding, which involves placing a bonding material in the area where the tooth came off. Veneers may be an option if bonding is not.

Before you make your way to the dentist, tell your child to rinse out their mouth and provide them with a cold compress or ice bag if there is any swelling. You can also, tell your child to keep their tooth safe in a special box. This can teach your child responsibility and lighten up their mood.

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