Gummy bears are popular candies that children love. They come in a variety of colors and all types of fun shapes and sizes. Gummy bears are also small and easy to fit in a pocket and take on the go. Children also love how chewy gummy bears are because they get to enjoy the candy for longer.

Here at Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, we have many parents ask us whether gummy bears are bad for their children’s teeth. The truth is that gummy bears can take a toll on a child’s oral health if there is an excessive consumption of them. Gummy bears are loaded with sugar that can linger on your child’s teeth, weaken their enamel, and lead to cavity causing bacteria.

Also, the majority of gummy bears on the market don’t contain any vitamins or minerals. Some of the chocolate ones may contain minimal amounts but not enough enough to make a positive difference in your child’s health.

If your child does eat gummy bears, make sure they brush their teeth at least an hour after to get rid of the sugar. It’s a good idea to provide them with sugar-free or vegan gummy bears as these typically cause less harm to the teeth and gums.

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