Many children love Mountain Dew. Unfortunately, this soft drink is not good for their teeth. It is packed with high fructose corn syrup, which is considered a sugar substitute and more unhealthy than regular sugar.

Over the years, there have been countless studies on Mountain Dew that have discovered that regular consumption of it leads to substantial weight gain, more bad cholesterol, and a significant risk of type 2 diabetes.
When it comes to oral health, Mountain Dew is certainly not doing your child’s mouth any favors. Since it features a strong citric acid, it can weaken your child’s enamel and leave them with cavities.

In addition, if your child is a frequent Mountain Dew drinker, they may also find that their teeth become more sensitive and they experience pain any time they chew or drink hot or cold liquids. Mountain teeth can also lead to yellow or stained teeth.

By discouraging Mountain Dew from your child’s diet, you can significantly increase their risk of cavities, sensitivity, and a variety of other health problems. It’s a good idea to promote healthier beverages that are actually good for your child’s teeth. These include water, tea, and coconut water. If your child find these drinks to be bland, you can always spruce them up by adding some fruit or veggies.

Our dental team would be happy to educate your child on the damages Mountain Dew may cause them. If they are old enough to understand, they’ll be more likely to ditch their Mountain Dew habit and opt for a healthier alternative.

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