As the parent of a young daughter, you may be wondering when your daughter’s middle teeth will grow in. After all, the middle teeth are the most noticeable and you may start to get concerned if they take too long to erupt.

The reality is that every child is different so there’s not one hard answer to “when should my daughter’s middle teeth grow in.” However, due to the nature of the female body and development cycle, your daughter’s middle teeth will likely erupt before boys in her age range. In most cases, girls get their permanent middle teeth when they turn 7.

Now, if your daughter’s middle tooth seems to be delayed, know that there are several reasons this may be happening. First off, there may not be enough space in her mouth. If this is the case, a dentist may have to remove surrounding teeth to create space and prompt the growth.

Delayed tooth eruption may also be the result of genetics. Think back to when you were your daughter’s age. Do you remember that it took you some time to get your middle teeth? If so, your daughter may be going through the same thing and there is no need to worry.

You should also consider your daughter’s diet. Does she eat a lot of sugary foods and stay away from calcium-rich foods like milk and cheese that are important for tooth growth? Her diet may play a vital part in the development of her teeth.

We recommend you take your child to the dentist to make sure her teeth and gums are in good shape and there isn’t anything you should be concerned about.

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