Most parents know that cookies, candy, and other sugary treats are bad for their child’s teeth. However, many don’t realize that sugary drinks are just as bad for their oral health. This is particularly true if they drink them on a regular basis. By sipping on sugary drinks, children expose their teeth and gums to sugar and acids. Sugar and acids lead to excessive amounts of bacteria, which may result in bad breath, cavities, and in the most serious cases, gum disease.

One examples of a sugary drink that can damage a child’s teeth is orange juice. Orange juice is high in citric acid, which is known to soften the enamel and make it easier to strip away. If your child does consume orange juice, encourage them to wait at least 30 minutes before brushing their teeth. This way, they can protect their enamel.

If orange juice damages your child’s enamel, they may be at a higher risk for developing cavities. While orange juice is okay every once in a while, our pediatric dentists discourage parents from offering it to their children on a regular basis.

If possible, try to replace orange juice from your child’s diet with healthier beverages such as water, coconut water, tea, or fresh vegetable juice. These juices do not have the harmful acidity and sugar content of orange juice and are less likely to damage your child’s teeth.

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