If your teen has a swollen tongue, you are likely concerned. After all, they depend on their tongue to eat and speak and a swollen tongue can feel thick, large, and quite uncomfortable. A swollen tongue can also be accompanied by annoying symptoms like bleeding, swelling, and mouth soreness.

There are a variety of reasons your teen may be facing a swollen tongue. First off, they may have an allergic to foods, medicine, or certain products. They may also have gingivitis, a tumor or infection in their mouth.

In the event your child’s swollen tongue is fairly mild, it should resolve on its own after a few days. If their tongue stays swollen for more than a few days or they face other serious symptoms such as breathing challenges, it’s essential that they visit a dentist or doctor who can pinpoint the exact cause of the swelling. They may ask your teen a number of questions including:

How long has your tongue been swollen for?
Do you have a rash?
Is the swelling worse when you eat or drink?
Does your throat feel itchy or irritated?

After listening to your answers and examining your mouth and tongue, the dentist or doctor will recommend a treatment plan. A treatment plan will likely consist of conservative treatments such as prescription or over-the-counter medications as well as eating and drinking cool foods. Eliminating spicy foods or sour foods and/or quitting smoking may also be prescribed. In the unlikely event there is a tumor or tongue cancer, surgery, radiation therapy, and/or chemotherapy may be required.

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