If you noticed that your toddler’s tongue is red and swollen, you may be concerned and unsure of what to do. A swollen tongue is actually a common allergy symptom in children. If your child has an allergic reaction to something, they may face angioedema, which is the technical name for a swollen tongue.

Your child may be allergic to a certain food, medication, insect, or virtually anything else that can trigger allergies. Although a swollen tongue isn’t usually a very serious symptom and just a sign of a mild allergic reaction, it’s a good idea to call your child’s doctor to determine whether treatment is necessary.

While allergies are the usually the main reason a swollen tongue occurs, there are a number of reasons your toddler may be facing this symptom. They may have an infection in or on their tongue. Or, there may be a tumor or mass on it. In addition, an insect bite or bee sting may have caused their tongue to swell up, even though they aren’t having an allergic reaction.

It is important to note that tongue swelling and inflammation rarely occurs on its own. It’s often the result of another health condition or issue. A dentist can evaluate your son or daughter’s tongue to pinpoint the cause of the swelling and prescribe a viable solution.

While you’re waiting to take your child to the dentist, you can give them cool foods and cool liquids to help reduce the swelling. We recommend popsicles and ice water as these are simple yet toddler-safe options.

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